I am worried and depressed

I got a call from unknown number on watsap and i attended the call, it was a girl who was doing shit on camera and I asked her who is it? and can I see your face, but she didn’t and she was asking me to show my penis to show her face, but I showed my trouser and she said she wants to see my penis
Then I told I am not interested in these and I cut the call, after some time she send me a video of our video call by edited that some body is masturbating on that with my face, after I get to know that she is black mailing and asking to send money on her account otherwise she is going to post and make it viral, I told her get lost and immediately block her number, what do you guys think about these problem? Anybody experience these


No brother, it was the first time I am hearing about such a thing. You did the right thing, blocking her… Usually when it comes to blackmailing, if you pay once, it wont stop… They will keep asking again and again.

Also, consider going to police if you can… You must know the number, it would be easier for police to track her down. Also, it would make them stop extorting money from someone else.

Most probably they wont post it, they know that if a compliant is raised, they would face prosecution ( in most countries, there must be laws for these, posting such videos without permissions or even against blackmailing). All they would generally care about is extorting money, if one denies, they look for another… I hope they wont be too personally involved if someone denies giving into their demands. It is only my guess brother, Approaching the cops would always be the best idea…


This is really strange… Never heard something like this,
You did best not giving her money, besides I don’t think they have the guts to post and would achieve anything from it.
If they contact you again, go straight to the authorities as my friend mentioned above.


Its so crazy change your number bro

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Hey bro, 3 months ago i met a girl online and… , Later on she followed me on intsagram, not long after that she sent me all my pic, and all my folowers list, she blackmailed me, the police said just dont reply to her

While I’m the police station everytime the police opens my instagram she sees im online ,was sending another threat, and sending the pic to one of my followers ,it didnt stop until I stoped opening her messages and blocked her. The pilice couldn’t do a thing, since she(might even be a guy playing games) out side of the country,

Luckly i was able to reach every person she sent the pic to, where close friends and family ,that cared much for me.
You did the best thing, paying wont guarantee she wont steal your visa/bank account info, or if she would really delete it, or never ask for money again.

It happened to many guys,
In my case I was stupid to trust her,


Yes I thought about it, but it would be difficult to change my number everywhere

It’s so sad to hear that, how did she black mail you?
Did you send you nude pic to her

Yes thought to go to police if she text me from other number but she didn’t, But last time I feel guilty about that and relapsed. I am on 7 th day now and won’t give up

Yes, thank you for your reply

Yes I sent her, nothing was a big deal about the pic, just my dick, but she did long screen shot& video, for the chat, so people could see its my instagram and I indeed sent these pic, and its mine … There is more details to the story but doesn’t really matter

Its behind me now, she couldn’t do much damage. Thank god. and I learned my lesson …

It was the new trend Going online
Have you contacted any girl earlier online for any chat?
It was a planned racket operating online in india.

That’s why Never Contact any unknown person especially with Whatsapp or any platform which discloses your identity.

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Now as @JonSnow001 mentioned reached the police authorities if you have guts or for sometime lock your social media profile to prevent fraudsters to further copying your images or any personal information.

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Ya bro same experience but she blackmail me she will upload video on YouTube :sweat_smile::joy:

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Hahaha, Send me the link :joy::joy:

Kidding ,don’t send me :stuck_out_tongue:

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No just black mail and also blocked her no and I did nothing I just watching

Even I just watched didn’t show anything unless my trouser and she edited the video with that masturbating somebody and send to me and blackmailing

Oh she got editing skill😂

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Haha I was looking to know who was she

She keep on ask to show my penis I showed my trouser and cut the call do you think she will blackmail again

No may be when this all happened