I am totally depressed now

I started from Feb 1st and first relapse was after 19 days
Then I started again and yesterday I again relapsed
Mostly triggers are tiredness and anime and sometimes when I am alone
I know I have to stop but still I opened it and then it went the usual way
I totally forgot about myself and got again in this shit


Bro, it happens. Once we relapse after a streak, then it becomes pretty hard to control it. It always happens with me as well. But believe in yourself. Once you cross the first day, it’ll become easier; and then after 3 days, it’ll become even easier. But be aware, danger is always there. Keep yourself away from triggers. You can do this.


I am to in that phase. dont do what ever your thought says ay this phase . as long as possible make ur self busy with any work and try to focus one thing at a time to end this habit…try reading easy peasy book…u will be alright


Remember that relapse is part of the process no matter how many times it happens. Just because you slipped doesn’t mean you’re restarting. Do something that keeps your mind stimulated to help fight boredom. You gotta find something different to from your normal habits. It’s so much easier to stop urges when once you do.

I was playing alot of online board games during my first few days. For some reason the interaction with other people helped alot. You’re still doing good because you want to change. Hang in there man


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