I am tired and wanna study

Due to relapsing, my energy level is very Low, tomorrow is my exam and I know I cannot fail but my body and my mind is not with me.

My body wants to sleep and my mind wants to conquer tomorrow’s paper, I cannot lose to my desires, I need to fight, I cannot let my body to win.

This is my body and I am the mind, I cannot let my body to command me

What should I do? Need guidance


Take a deep breath, and cold shower it will give you more energy


My advice is that you try to study and give your best, and don’t cover yourself if you can’t, don’t cover yourself as much, at least, since you’ve gone through this difficult time and wear, the relapse and you’re out of energy, you’re negatively affected by psychological mode, then you shouldn’t put so much weight on them. Does the school want to know if you have relapsed or are going through difficult times? No, but you had a difficult time, yes? Only you know, only you went through it, only you felt it. Do what you can, regardless of the grade, go ahead, you’re doing your best, despite all the personal difficulties you’re facing, you’re strong. Go on giving your best, you won’t regret doing this, even if the school puts pressure on you, your parents, your classmates, the world, you won’t worry because you did what you could and only you know for what you went through and what happened before this test, so you should be firm and not charge yourself too much, regardless of what others think about it. Be well, see you later :cherry_blossom:


Thank You, you Both, I will definitely do and feel what you guyz told me…


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