I am thinking to relapse

Had bad day. I am thinking P would give me the love I need. I am so stressed out now. The fantasy would take me into this Neverland and Ill be happy for the night

don’t do that!!!
write a little bit here in the forum. or a diary

Remember that you will feel like shit after doing it and also you will start blaming yourself!!

Today evening I’m feeling the same thing as you do. I have so much to do that I don’t know how i should be able to do all that. So, I wanted to watch some P to give me a break. But that is not an option.

And remember. Porn never gives you love. That’s just what we think. They don’t care about you. They are acting out something so that you feel as if they care. But what they want is money. They just do whatever sells best.


What kind of love are you looking for?

This is gold. What did you do? I just ate. Just back home from outside. Dont know what else to do. What kind of love? Thats good question. I never thought.

So unthink it, bro.

You know. Don’t try to reason with the urge, we can’t win this battle with arguments.


For women sometimes I am interested to getvtheirblove sometimes I dont. For God Ia m having a problem with the idea. Currently I am reading anything about Him . Iwas religious. Now not so much. PMO has made this searching diffcult. So maybe I dont have things to love. Or maybe this is Nofap effect tonight… from bad day stress

For a long time I always fled if I had something to do. I learned to attack the things I have to do instead of running away. So, I’m currently learning for my studies. That means that tomorrow I will have a bit less to do and hence feel a bit better and more relaxed -> I take the relaxation from getting stuff done instead of porn.

I had a similar thing that I was looking for love or recognition from pornstars or camgirls. I wanted that they like what I do so that they are my friends or “could-be-girlfriends”. The feeling that I could have every girl if I just wanted to.

For me, it helped a lot to ask myself two questions: Who are my friends and why are they my friends (which traits do I like about them) this for female and male friends.
You would never say something like “he is a close friend because he is hot. or he showed me his dick or likes to have sex”. instead they are your friends because of their personality.
So, how can you look for love in a place which is soo far away from what you define as friendship? (in my eyes love is just that. an extremely strong friendship)

Don’t know if it is understandable what I mean :smile:


Pmo kills the god part in you
Pmo kills the human part in you
Pmo kills the actuall well of love inside of you

Break the circle