I am the worst person alive!

I don’t know where to begin… I’ve been struggling with this since discovering it 15 years ago i was 20 when i had my first masturbation phase and since then all went down hill… I feel weak, unfocused, defeated everytime i try to get rid of it but i couldn’t i don’t feel the urge nor the pleasure from it i just do it for no actual reason… I watch porn everyday I feel guilty everytime I’m done with it… I get the most f*cked up thoughts mostly about hurting myself or cutting it off to stop… I need help but i can’t talk about it i want to stop but I’m too weak mentally to overcome it… I feel my soul decaying everytime i fail myself over and over and over again… What should i do? Despite all of that i have a glimpse of hope that i will overcome this before i die but i don’t know where my first step should be…


Brother, i have been struggling with this too for so many years, and im not going to lie to you that it’s hard as hell to get rid of this evil, i actually just relapsed now, but what I have learned with every relapse is that you never know how really strong you are until becoming strong is the last choice you have, you need to be your best friend, you need to forgive yourself and use your pain as a weapon to become the best version of yourself, use that as a motivation, if you want to change your life you need to turn your guilt into responsability and take action, never let failure get to your mind, so put in the work, believe in yourself, and see success coming🔥


My first recommendation is to stay calm. Do not hate yourself for this… Yes, it is an unpleasant thing and you must work hard to overcome it, but take a moment to correctly assess the situation: so many people have this problem, and many do not even recognize it as being a problem until it is far too late.

You are a great man because you are here and trying to become better - do not hate yourself. And, remember, this can be a long process, like any great task is a long process, so pull up a chair, sit down, and start working on your healing. ^^


I wish you the best guys… Leaving this forum permanently… Good luck on your journey


clickbait title, you’re definitely not the worst person.


Don’t Beat Yourself Up If and When You Backslide

Your emotions can serve as a cue to start looking at porn. Many guys will pull up a browser when they’re depressed or feel down as a way to self-soothe. But the problem that many men who are trying to quit porn run into is that their setbacks make them feel down or depressed, which in turn triggers the itch to look at porn again. It’s a vicious cycle.

What’s more, as we noted previously, intense emotions like shame and guilt can also cause spikes in dopamine. So if you experience a lot of guilt and shame after a setback, you may be making the porn habit worse.

Just accept the fact that you may have setbacks. Maybe you won’t, but most men who are trying to quit do. When those setbacks happen, don’t beat yourself up or wallow in self-pity. Just recognize the setback and then get back at it again. You may even consider “parenting” yourself like a video game by setting up some sort of swift, dispassionate “punishment” for your slip-ups, like donating a few bucks to a charity you dislike, or to the political party opposite of yours. The key is to be consistent and dispassionate with your negative feedback.


brother, are you getting enough sleep?

i.e. 7hrs mimimum?

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