I am so screwed

Over these years i keep failing everyday, i can’t make it more than 1 day now. My last longest streak was 2 days but that was on January.

Now i am VERY lonely in my home i am very bored i got a PS4 here but i quickly got bored of it and went to porn, i have no motivations, i can’t focus on my main goal.

I realized were closing on NNN (NO Nut November) and i haven’t prepared for it yet, but i want to participate it SO bad because last time i failed the challenge, i never give up and i don’t wanna. I wanted to get rid of this addiction SO bad that it’s ruining my life.


@needhelppls , welcome to Rewire!
It sounds like you’re in a tough place. I’ve been there too, where it feels like just one day is impossible. I still feel that way sometimes.
My best advice for you right now is to get outside. Spend some time in nature and get some fresh air.

Another thing that helps me is a good hobby. Reading, juggling, art, whatever interests you, rather than spending that time on electronics.

Best of luck to you! Don’t forget that God will help you on this journey if you ask Him.

Keep fighting! You can do this!


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