I am overthinking

So just as i said in the title : i am overthinking. Now when i say this i mean that my brain is always analyzing something, it can be an event from yesterday or from 5 to 6 years ago. The thing that i especially think about all time is my frist friendzone, that happened 5 months ago, i’m rly not mad, i mean not anymore, i walked over it , but i keep thinking why and how i got there. Sometimes i can’t sleep because, just as weird as it seem, my brain is overheating without me even noticing, i already tried meditation but as soon as i close my eyes they open up and standing meditation is just not for me. So … what can i do to solve this problem ? Oh yeah and one more thing : i am 15 yo, so it can be normal at that age,if it is let me know it please.

Start with a timer. You can’t meditate for an hour unless you can for a couple of minutes. You also need a method or guide. If you are a Christian it could be a Scripture or thinking about questions. They have handy thinks for all faith. Meditation is really the focus of the mind whereas contemplation is a lot more passive and just letting things flow. With practice you will get there.

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