I am not going to giveup now

I can do it , I will do it .
I remember the date when I broke my 31 days streak , 15 february ,.


Hey dude, you didn’t choose WARRIOR as profile name for nothing, be a warrior men, just as you imagined you’d be when you thought of that name.


U r not alone … bro look at badges…near about 1600 who know about nofap & serious about it relapse.
Those who don’t know about nofap. Unki tou batt hi chor de.
Learn from mistakes & don’t do them next tm.
Start meditatn almost all nofapers of high streak do it


Be warrior. U r lucky that u know about nofap. Billions of people don’t know abt it

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thank you brother , for being with me :slight_smile:

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