I am not able to come out of the addiction

I am trying it from 1.6 years and i am still not out of this addiction.

Please any body tell me what should i do now ???

Can you be more specific about what is happening with you?
Like how you tried ,about number of relapse, urges, triggers etc.

Knowing this will help a lot. Coz here there might be a lot like you who would have the story as yours.

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Bro , i have tried every thing but there is no way out . I am traped . What should i do now . Nothing works for me . I relapsed again yesterday after 2 days .

Bro i wasn’t knowing 1.6 yrears ago that i am traped in the place from where i will never be able to ecapse.

Nothing is working . Nothing.

Now what should i do ??

What can i do ??
It has became imposible to ecape it.

I am trying every positive thing to do but all negative happens to me

Bro please tell me a way bro . Please

I have almost become mad . I am distroyed

I am distroyed by this habbit.

Same here bro. I am also in same trap like you.


Bro i know this thing very very very well that many of us have tried everything but nothing is working.

Bro tell me from where are you and whats your age ?? . I am asking this because now i am going to take a very big step .

I am going to contact a high professional on instagram . And i hope that he will help me because i have to clear upsc .

I am not advertizing but if you want then i can help you also as soon as the professional helps me.

If i will get the help then i will try to help you guys also because i know from what pain you all are suffrring .

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I am from odisha. My age is 25

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Ok i am from up . My age is 22 .

Ok let me contact to the professional and then i will think to help you all

Urges comes to me in the form of anxiety and tingling sensation around my chest and stomach. Arm pain is also included. I urge to touch my chest and stomach. My mind wants my chest to massage it slowly and gently. Then I start to watch some hot girls in pinterest. Then I move to an adult forum and finally move to a pgraphic video website. In the end I cant control and have to do M.

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What the fuck

What the fuckkkkk

The same thing happens to me.
The same fuccking thing.

Oh god. Oh god

Right now I am feeling tingling sensation in my chest but I have less urge because of too much tiredness. When tiredness will vanish my mind again will tell me to watch hot girls, go to adult forum to see nudes and finally watch pgraphic video for fapping.

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I know my addiction cycle. Still I am unable to control it

Really…??? Unbelievable

Ok bro know i have come to know that you are very high testosterone man like me .

Not high testosterone but its because of por*

You want to touch your body like any girl is touching it . It feels like some insect is going on inside the body . Then you can’t hanle it and do pmo


The same with all people here bro . Its because of lack of confidence . As you also know it.

Bro i request you not to talk about girls please because our first goal is to escape the world’s strongest prison ( pmo addiction).

Ok now i noticed that i am not alone who is suffering so much

But we have to esapse . We have to cure the addiction bro . We cant die like this

I dont want to die like this

I dont want to give up

As soon as i will get help i will try to help you also because it seems that you are not a fool . You are smart

I deleted that bro… I wont talk about girls anymore here

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Yes I feel like some girl is touching my body. I want to touch my chest. A feeling of insect is walking on my body. Espaecially on my chest. Then my hand moves inside my pant.

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Same here i feel . Then we take out our pants and relapse

Its because of the trauma that we have suffered in childhood .

Bro plaese wait i want to say somthing…

No testoteron I think. It’s because of p addiction. Brain wants a dopamine high so it gives us signal like tingling sensation

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I have no childhood trauma at all. There is no sad ness,
Btw which trauma are you talking about ?

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Do you use any personel teligram or wattapp or insta ??

If you want then i can chat there or if not then i want to chat further in personel dm
here .