I am losing hope

I have been trying since two years and all i got is failure, I’ve tried everything and i am just failing, please don’t tell me to keep going or that shit i just fucking realized it’s impossible to quit this habit, it have been a nice experience filled with a lot of bullshit and a lot of lies, I’m out. Peace :v:



I have been trying to quit for 3 years. The longest i have ever gone without porn was 35 days and even after that i am still not free. I am still here. I am still fighting for my life.

Listen no one is stopping you from making ur own decisions. If you want to give up thats fine by me because you giving up is not gonna hurt me or anyone else on this platform. Your decisions mean nothing to us. In the same manner that my decisions mean nothing to u. The only person you are gonna hurt is urself.

Honestly though… do u really want to live the rest of your life an addict to pornography? I know i dont. I sure as hell dont. I want to have real sex. And porn is just depleting that drive of basic human nature.

The bottom line is that we are here for you. But we can only help you when you decide to help yourself.

My friend, Dont give up on yourself :wink:
Because we haven’t given up on you.


@xisben2001x Blessings on you bro. Yep, loads and loads of b.s here… But obviously fraternity and good will :pray:
The BS idea is “you are not good enough” and to constantly live in fear, a fighting mentality against the world. And we are flooded with it on Instagram, YouTube and here.

To give up pmo is very very difficult and futile,
but to choose not to pmo is simple.
When we give up something, we are actively depriving ourselves of something.

Do I have to fight to deprive myself of, self-hatred, stress, isolation, depression, paranoia…?

@JimHawkins is completely right. It is a drug addiction.


Well said @Aoshigreen

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Thanks @Yitzchak :raised_hands: @JimHawkins
I started reading easypeasymethod.org and it’s been a massive game changer

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@Aoshigreen @xisben2001x
What are your codes so that i can follow you

@xisben2001x bro u should see @Kaizen as an inspiration , he is practicing nofap also since 2 years and now he is putting all the knowledge he has earned in this 2 years to help others and to be better in his life … Not only him many are there who have been trying since 2 years … Can u imagine the amount of patience these guys have …

According to me u shouldn’t loose faith and keep going …


its not like its impossible for you,
you are not determined enough thats it and thats the truth


But, Why should anyone be so determined, as to not damage and hurt themselves?
And to even count the days? :man_facepalming:t2:

This place is crazy


he is saying its impossible for him, thats why i said that mr.
he wants it, and if someone wants somethinng he should be determined


@xisben2001x …bro give your all efforts…but don’t lose hope…fight like a warrior…

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I agree with your sentiment bro.
But it is crazy we feel the need to be determined at “giving up” drinking a poison.

We are NOT making a sacrifice here or depriving ourselves of anything worth mentioning.


In 2 years what you did bro???

  1. have you tried waking up at 4 am???
  2. sleeping before 11 pm???
  3. daily 1 hr exercise for body ???
  4. taking proper diet in a proper time??
    5)reading good books about no pmo
    6)watching no fap videos??
    7)daily goals ??
    If you are not doing then if you will try 30 years then you cant stop watching porn…and M*

Its 14 years and i still have hope.
I am going to win.

If you can walk 1 step, you can walk the 1000 & more.