I am looking for a nofap companion & competitor ๐Ÿ˜Ž

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Sharing code -
Current streak - 2 days *
Highest streak - 57 days *
Age - 22
Gender - M

Why I want a companion - *
To promote healthy competition & basically looking to drive other people & be driven & motivated by them.
I want to reach 90 days.
Letโ€™s do it together.:muscle:t5:

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Are you on hardmode?

Hey man, we can be brothers in the struggle. Iโ€™m 29โ€ฆ My streak so far is 3 days going on 4. My code is m4l3vm.

Hi bro, we can compete. My age is 24, my current streak is 18 days and my best streak is 105 days. My code is: 1b5335. You are not alone :muscle:

Add me brotherโ€ฆ
Sharing code-daaf29
Current streak - 68 days
Highest streak -119 days
Country -India

Hi letโ€™s do this! Iโ€™m up for some competition.
current streak: 0
Highest streak: 11
Age: 20
Gender: M
Code: mty0um

Letโ€™s gooooo!!
Current steak: 0
Highest: 7
Gender: m
Code: zp1hoi

Just checking in with you boys, still going strong.

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