I am just so TIRED

Been on the act of quitting then relapsing for 5 years since it all started. Best was 6months

Just after a 5days fail, I downloaded the app for hope to control the MO part, for the P*** part was never an issue to quit for prolonged periods.

It’s almost midnight, my mind is encouraging a relapse till it hits 00:00 for the day is already doomed, but I guess these urges are better not to satisfy.

Lately, I’m so tired of 5day streaks then relapse, every relapse hits like a truck… but compared to numerous times daily weeks ago; it is kinda something.

This relapse has been the hardest, that feeling of heavy breathing, self-hatred… like wanting to fast-forward the upcoming days to build a streak.

Going with the: “This is the last time, this is the once and for all streak…”. I hope it truly is the one

I wanna care for my body, keep it for this who deserves sharing it with…

I wish it is this time.


There are times that we all feel more or less like you unfortunately. We don’t know exactly the reason because we need to go though some harder days that PMO for us is the only pleasant thing.

During difficult moments like that, keep in mind that this is the position that you don’t want to be. You’re not in control of everything in your life, some unwanted things might be affecting you, look out for that.

I know that relapsing is a very bad but try to keep in mind that doesn’t matter how many times you start again you’re not alone, fighting against it is a big advance bro or sis.

I’ve had a streak of almost 4 years PMO and now I’m on 41 without P. Reading and watching motivational depositions may help you dealing with it also.

All the best and keep on track! :raised_hands:t4::pray:t4:

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