I am gonna make it this time

I once completed 100 days in the beginning of this year but then I relapsed. Have been trying to remain unshaken since then but not being able to. Today also I broke my vow after 10 days. I should have seen it coming. Last week I met with a bike accident and after that I had gone into a relaxed mode. Had drinks couple of times and watched some movies/serials on Netflix(that platform contains so many things which a person should not see at all!).
Have used so many things to keep me motivated over past couple of years to be a “Akhand Brahmachari”. I do Yoga and also teach to a group of 12-15 people. This time I am thinking of documenting my journey everyday and also considering to plan my day atleast a day before. Will properly add what to eat, when to get up, what asanas, pranayamas and meditations to do etc. Feel free to follow me and I will also follow you.


You are gonna make it this time!


That’s it.
Simple point is why to even buy the subscription?
We have too little time to be wasted in these kinds of stuff.


What was your goal when you completed those 100 days before?

Why did you stop pmo?

Why did you start it again?

Do some inner reflection.