I am going weak

My longest streak was 16 days and then i started to go downhill yesterday i relapsed now i relapsed the fuck is wrong with me

hey mate.
i am really sorry to hear that!
it happens. you had a weak moment sth stresed you and you did not have the will powert o kep going that is totally fine and happens on every jorney. the important thing is that you remeber why you wnat to quit and learn from what happend!.

there is no benefit in beating yourself up over it… you already suffr enough. it is because you were suffering that you relapsed so the best thing you can do is be compassioante and udnerstanding with your self!

also fyi you are stuck in the chaser effect it is very normal to want to keep relapsing after relapse… that is our brain chemistry… -.-^ it is anyoign ut a fact also oyu are not alone there are toers struggling the same and also learning from it even more actually succeeded even despite relapsing.

best of luck on your journey you are going to be fine!

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