I am getting different type of urges...anyone guide me

.I am on my day 4 now…

Yesterday i didn’t get any urges…but when I saw a whatsapp status…in that one of cousin brothers is getting married…after that I got huge thoughts of getting married… I even got dream if marrying my crush yesterday…

I know its an utter waster imagining about theses in my age 17 now…but I can’t control it…so please guide me and tell me tips to overcome these thoughts


I also cant control. No one has a control on this. Dont worry, dont think about this. It happens with all. It is involuntary, untill you try to wake up. It will stop after rewiring of your brain.


Guys, urges aren’t inherently bad
In fact, they can be your greatest weapon, if you can transmute it.
Watch this video closely for better understanding :point_down:


I was having a hard time maintaining my streak but now I can completely control the temptations. It has become very easy now. What I do is whenever a dirty thought comes in my mind I just tell myself that when I can’t masturbate then why do I even think about kinky stuff, because that will only give me more discomfort so better just not think anything and then it stops easily. One more thing is that I’m keeping myself productive and busy in my studies. And after hard work the pleasure I get is more amazing then the pleasure my mind gets after relapse. I completed most of my assignments and now I ask my friends if they want me to do their assignments, that way I’m also getting better at studies, and my classmates are respecting me and moreover I feel loved and very good by doing all these good deeds.

It was just one week ago I was feeling lost and now I feel like I can tell other people how to get better at this :slight_smile:

Just do good deeds for others and for yourself too. I guarantee it will help. Have a nice day :cherry_blossom:


You have the secret in you. Apply it. Remember this whenever you get the thought. That’s what I do.


LOL bro, this is pretty simple. Your crush is still your crush only because you are not good enough and probably you’ll never be able to marry her or any other girl if you cannot improve yourself. For that, self discipline is the key.
But you’re acting like a pussy by dreaming about her and asking for help while your crush is probably going to get rammed ( or probably could already be having sex with him) somewhere by a guy who is better than you. Forget marriage if you can’t control yourself. Even if you get married to someone that way, your married life could be quite disastrous. Good luck.


Your crush is still your crush only because you are not good enough and probably you’ll never be able to marry her or any other girl if you cannot improve yourself. For that, self discipline is the key.

Good one bro…this line made me understand thank you…


Tq bro…will follow this


Lol man, isn’t this too harsh? :joy::joy:


Have a goal and work on them bro.
First improve yourself …until that stop thinking about girls.
If you chase a butterfly what’s your chance to get it?.. maybe 50:50. Even you get it you have nothing for it. How you feed the butterfly? How comfortable and happy it is with you? How you going to protect it?

But instead of chasing that butterfly, first build a garden. So numerous butterflies will come. Pick the best one which suits you and your family.

Goals are garden here. Butterflies are girls.

First study,get your dream job,take better care of your body and mind,take care of your family etc…, There are soo many soo many things you need to achieve in life. Try to find your purpose of life and goals and work harder bro.
Once you started working really harder towards your goals ,you won’t be thinking about girls and hardly you have no time to fantasize also.
Right now thoughts may arise by itself but once you fill with new thoughts(goals and propose of life) that sexual thoughts will reduce a lot and more you will be in reality.
But if you rush and marry means also that relationship won’t be better and that you both cannot be that happy.
Build garden first.


I call that simple language, direct message. It wasn’t meant to be harsh, just a reminder as to why he should overcome these feelings.