I am feeling pain and sleepy

Hi guys… I have not ejaculated from 10 days… Today suddenly I have started feeling sleepy in the evening… Very very sleepy actually! I never generally sleep anytime other than at night, and I am not able to do my work efficiently :frowning: … Also, I am feeling a lot of pain in the area above my penis… I am feeling as if someone is literally pulling my pubic hair!! It is really painful… I used to masturbate daily from past 4-5 years and this is my first SERIOUS nofap attempt… Is it a withdrawal symptom? Should I trim my pubic hair? Will it help?? Please help me :pray::pray:

Stay Strong.

You should trim hair. Porn is an addiction and whenever anyone addicted to something doesn’t get the doze, pain is the result. It is difficult to leave addiction but the end result is great if you achieve.


I don’t understand why you’d trim you phair? For me it hurt a lot for a few weeks, but it’s fine after a while.

Just get used to it even happens to come back even on day 100… Also, see a doctor about it if it gets worrisome.

Get some coffee when you’re sleepy.


If you have a pain that doesn’t go away after a few days, a visit to the doctor is definitely a good idea. Stay safe!