I am fed up trying meditation

Guys, I have been trying myself to meditate for past two months and didn’t even crossed one minute…

Say me whether you guys also suffered at the beginning?

And also say some tips from your experience to practise mindfulness

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Yes. I lost it after 15 seconds at the start. Then i started doing it, my patience level increased and i can meditate for 10 mins. But i have stopped it because of exams, my routine was f*ed up.🥲

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Ask him @JumpingBuddha

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try meditate under waterfalls, i mean its a good training to get focus and get rid of your usual routine

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Where would I go for a waterfalls bro…:rofl:

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lmao where you live? go to indonesia bro there a lot waterfalls in here

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That’s the whole point of meditation, when u lose focus and wonder around u try to bring it back to ur breathing or other thing u were focusing on, specially at the beginning u will wonder to other thoughts but when u bring ur focus back again over and over u get good at it. So this is the whole purpose of meditation and how u train ur mind, by consistently bringing ur focus back when ever u wonder over and over again


@Fearless.soul bro if u want u can use apps for meditation which will make it easier, the app I use is called Calm.

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Maybe your mind wanders a lot. Check wheather you are following the right way or just practicing to seat idle?
The problem may be the way you are approaching it.

It’s quite normal if one’s mind wanders at beginning. So no worry. Keep trying and most importantly in right way.

Lets understand what is meditation?
In simple way, when you tend to focus on certain things for a given time, you are said to be meditating. If you do it right your attention span and concentration tend to improve.

Lets take an example.
If you find a chapter very interesting and start reading it with utmost attention and concentration. It’s kind of meditation…!

But the real issue is that focus is not steady or driven by external factors for most of us.

One of the aims of practice of meditation is to develop the control of our focus. So that we can concentrate on the area/object of our interest with highest attention for a longer span.

For beginners, the initial problem is inability to hold the attention span over a time.
But we can improve it for sure.


In general:

  1. Have clear thoughts, stay away from extreme notions ( think rationally and stay away from triggers)
  2. Have proper plan for the day, Be organised etc. An organised mind flutter less.
  3. Control unnecessary emotions(anger, sadness, anxiety etc.)
    These things should make your mind wander less.

During meditation:

  1. Choose a peaceful and open space (maybe a garden or terrace) and time (Early morning or evening) is very important.
  2. If unable to concentrate and mind is wandering, one can try Chanting (Omkar/Gayatri Mantraor/Quran or Bible verse or anything which suits you)
    Chanting blocks your thoughts for the time being and help it become steady.
  3. Once the mind become steady, you can choose an object of meditation (tangible or intangible). Any steady object will work fine but many use a black points on wall or the flame of a lamp (practice is also called Tratak)
  4. Gradually you can start meditating on your breath by concentrating on your inhalation and exhalation. Keep in mind that it’s the level of attention you pay to the object of meditation. (I personally prefer meditation over breath)
  5. With practice of meditation, Pranayam and other tools, you can surely achieve a great concentration.

You can try the above steps one by one. Move to next once you gain enough confidence in a step.

Eventually with practice of meditation you will come to a state where you can concentrate deliberately on any object of your wish.

Be optimistic and Keep meditating.



Good, you noticed you are fed up, now go back to the object of meditation

Good, you noticed you are thinking on other things, now go back to the object of meditation

Good, you noticed you are listening to a song in your head, now go back to the object of meditation

Good, you noticed you have an itch somewhere, now go back to the object of meditation

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Buddy learn meditation first…
Problem is you need silence in mind … First

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Try this bro. Sit down relaxed with your legs crossed, each toe on top of the other knee. Set timer in your phone and pledge that you won’t open your eyes before that timer rings. Close your eyes and just try to focus on your breathe. Don’t think about anything else. You’ll get distracted but then try to take your mind back. Do this repeatedly. First few days will be tough but after that you’ll be able to control your mind better.

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