I am fed up but gonna start again

I thought this is time when I will never mastuburate or watch porn i was very motivated
For the first time I I was able to keep my streak for 14 day’s
I was closed to my 14 days streak
But due to exam presure and tension I did fap in shower I did 3 times fap
I am feeling guilty now
I know I can did much better
I am gonna prove myself that I can be disciplined and can leave fapping
Mastuburation damaged my memory my physique my motivation


Try Try but don’t cry.

Get back .

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Yeah it feels very bad, when you relapse from a high streak,it completely destroys your confidence and motivation and determination.
To get it back we have to work harder than before!


Sure bro I will try my best
Beast mode on

You are right I am feeling same

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