I am doing only m and o, that would be an easy or a normal mode?

Hi companions, first of all I want to explain that I have a streak of 73 days, but only with no masturbation and orgasm, but I have seen porn a few times.
I have been struggling with this addiction for 12 years, and all the times when I see porn I fall, because sooner or later the urgues defeat me and I fap. Porn and masturbation had been linked to me all my live.
The thing is that when I installed this app, I encouraged myself, and I learned to control urgues until after watching porn, because of all the advice that you guys have given to me. In other words, I learned to beat the need to ejaculate when I fall in porn.
This is my second best streak with no masturbation in my live, but I feel like excluded because it doesnt exist a level for only m or m and o. I also want to leave porn but I am feeling really proud of what I am doing now with masturbation, and I want to reach my goals step by step. First I want to overcome my best streak without fap, which is of 115 days. So what do you think guys, it makes sense what I am doing? There is someone who goes through the same problem like me, with only porn? Do you thing that I could be categorized in some group? and what do you think about the reboot with only fap? Stop with mo is similar to stop with p or is better? Or worst?

You are on a timer. Sooner or later you are going to relapse. It is inevitable. It doesn’t matter how much “strong” you are, you will fall. Porn is as bad as mastrubation. You have screwed up your entire brain reward system. I will suggest you to set your counter to zero and start noPMO. You are neither on normal mode or any mode, maybe you are on stupid mode, I can’t say, but if you really want to improve, stop watching porn altogether. Your streak means nothing if you have watched porn.


Thanks, I appreciated your sincerity. Maybe I’ve been lacking in being radical and that’s why I’m stuck in the tricky game of porn. But after 73 days of nofap, I can tell you that I have felt an important improvement in my quality of life, specially with some “superpowers” like vitality, self discipline, more energy and motivation. Actually, I feel happy of what I have done until now, But as you said, porn is behind me :imp::japanese_ogre: and I dont want to relapse.


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That I good to hear brother. But my advice is to stop porn immediately as it is infesting your brain and thinking process.

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