I am depressed and i need help


I was on a pretty good nofab streak of 120 days a month ago. I didn’t hook up since i started the no fap journey. On day 120th i hooked up with a girl and i am usually good in bed but maybe because i haven’t fapped in a long time and haven’t had a wet dream since the start of my journey i became too sensitive and for the 1st time i prematured, this was the worst feeling ever. I was very embarrassed in front of the girl and she wasn’t cooperative enough to give another try, in this depression i relapsed, and since then i have been fapping everyday if not twice a day sometimes. I made up my mind to not fap a few days back but then i did not qualify for the exam I’ve been preparing for since 1 year and this was getting me more depressed and i kept relapsing since then. This is the lowest I’ve been hit in my life honestly and I’ve been drained of all my will and energy. I don’t want to live like this. I feel very much like giving up but i don’t want to give up. My confidence has hit its lowest.


Bro… I feel really sorry for u, but I’ve been there before bro, I know how it feels but remember when u hit rock bottom, the only other place to go is up :point_up_2: so be encouraged don’t be discouraged, God will come through u just have to add more will, use motivationals and do some hanging out with favorite friends it’ll help… Change does not putting so much energy on depend so much on removing the old but on building the new… Look for something that gets u going, something good and transfer your addiction to… I’ll surely pray for u… Wish u the highest success. @Hassaan

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Hey man, I want to reach out to you, and encourage you to let go of all that worry,
things will sort themselves out.

You had an amazing streak, which is inspiring.

Wishing you well!


@hussainaqib999 the exam is just a measure of what you know, it’s not who you are. If you dedicated alot of time to this exam and didn’t get the result you wanted make new plans. Life doesn’t guarantee us success in everything. Maybe something better will come to you.

Sorry to hear about your experience with the girl. If you’ve put up a good fight for 120 days, know that this experience proved you made progress. Have you ever thought maybe you were not compatible with the girl? Sometimes sex is not meant to work with someone. It’s helpful to hear different viewpoints than yours because it can help you realize everything isn’t entirely your fault. Start a new Streak and wait for the right girl :girl:.


Bro I found a way to kick depression’s ass
Just come here, open the journal and type away your depression or frustrations
Also you had a good streak so I think you can write ( your streak) on paper, paste it on your table (if you have any)and see it everyday, it might help


If u r looking for solutions here is my suggestion maintain 1 month streaks for good health & to avoid premature ejaculation. For depression start something new that you love. <— Bullshit :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

If u r looking for support I AM HERE FOR U brother!!! We the men we are fucking awesome!!. I read your points it’s not your mistake. You have chosen your way. The thing is that woman would never understand a man there for u should not worry & disturb your mental stability It’s better to forgive her words and actions.there is no wiseness to destroy urself for an embarrassment Sometimes things are not under control but that doesn’t mean we cannot improve ourselves.we are men we are supposed to leave our legacy. Be a man be awesome. It’s fucking temporary problem. Fuck every problem like legend…show that depression you can’t submit

Apologies for rude words.


Women I tell you… they make you unhappy when they are around and make you unhappy again when they aren’t. Bro it’s fine. You have been to a streak once I know you can do it again. Heck my longest streak for two years has only been twenty days. Don’t let this one experience control. There is more to life and more girls. Screw her.
For me you are still a motivational figure to idealised. Nofap for six months seem so beyond me
If you feel depressed again talk to people … don’t let it boil in… pm me any time


Thank you guys for these exhilarating words. I’ve been reading all your reply every morning for a fresh start and its has worked really well. Its been 5 days i haven’t fapped and thats all because of your words honestly. I am sure life is going to take a U turn for good. Thank you once again and please let me know if theres any way i can help you guys with
. :’)


Same. I feel loneliness for years. I have legit social anxiety due to past trauma experience of bullying. My family members argued. One of my family members got in trouble since she hit a motorcycle, and since then I’ve hit my lowest point. I don’t fap but I feel very crippling depression.
But I keep chanting positive affirmations and thinking for solutions.

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Heartbreak, embarrassment and failing at exams hurt so much, I know. But you need to believe in hope. Believe in God. Believe in your strength. You’ve actually got to reach 120 day streak. How about me who can’t even reach 14 day streak after 7 months of struggle? How about the others who can’t even get past a week?
So, rejoice. Believe that there are greater girls and greater things to be found.

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Hey… i know about premature ej.after a long rest. For your next shot try a Stud spary, the one with the gold cap. Dont spray too much tho and don’t use it too often.


Can you tell me the name of the company if possible or send me a link to the product?


You should get one at your pharmacy. Almost every pharmacy here sells it. Again dont use too much or spray it too close… else you’ll be bouncing for hours. :smiley:


the question is whether you wanna solve your issues why you come to early or self-medicate the problem with another one.
i guess, once you started with that you will be dependent on that. each time you don’t use it you will come immediately.
i think there are better options than that

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Lol thanks.
This is the 1st time I’ve come across something like this lmao.
I am living under a rock


Makes total sense, my mind never went across medication. I always wanted to get well naturally, i am quite firm with my nofap journey and i feel that is the right way. Its just that i could use something like this if at all there’s any chance that I’ll embarrass myself in bed while i am still recovering through my nofap journey.
1st time facing something like that was like a truck hitting your self esteem and i am just too scared to not have a plan B if things don’t go right even after/while i am on my reboot.