I am crying my eyes out

I just want it to end. I have no will power. I have no spiritual strength. My life sucks. I suck. I can’t succeed. I can’t get a girlfriend. My parents keep stressing me out. I’m 31. Why does it hurt so much?

I prayed to God and literally cried in my prayer.

My job is scary now. A new manager who is there who NEVER met me, wants to FIRE me. Today is this manager’s first day. :sob::sob::sob:

Why do women judge me before getting to know me? It’s not fair. I’m so lonely.

I’m desperate to win over this sin. It has ruined me. No confidence. No motivation to exercise. Nothing ever matters. :sob:

Please help me.


That’s a hell of a negativity my friend. Don’t judge yourself too harsh. Take a small step forward. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

One day at a time. Be patient, we are all having same problems like you. We all do get rejected. We all don’t have confidence everytime.

Key is to keep going and don’t have expectations. You’ll excel beyond your expectations one day. Trust God. Be emotionally strong. You are an emotional person like me. I am too around your age.
Don’t give into your weakness. When we don’t have strength, we pray for it.
Head high! Go for it.

Peace out.


I read your story .and I can imagine how are you now…
So I will say only
You have 2 options…cry and tell everyone your life is full of difficulties. 2nd option is be the rudest person.and face all difficulties …
In very danger zone , motivation ,will power nothing can beneficial .
Only well structured plan, and consistency is the key to tackle situation.

I wrote this very shortly don’t ignore this message.you have to think deeply.


Sorry guys but I must disagree with some points. If you have read psychology. Directly using harsh motivation may lead the person to Guilt and more negative thinking.

Please first make a repo, motivate positively and then go for it… Man to man talk.

Yeah he needs one.

Read my post bro. I haven’t said any lies.

Hahs. You’re one of a pumped up guy and a teenager. I can understand. I won’t argue.
Peace out.

Hate is a strong word when you are sending a symbol of peace. As I said, you’re young to understand some things.
No worries. Peace out.

Lets be honest. It doesnt matter if you watch porn or masturbate, this is not the reason you don’t get girls or have job insecurity. Your negative mindset is the reason. ( which is the result of repeated failures to quit porn).

Stop blaming porn ( im not denying porn is harmful. Obviously it is addictive and destroys healthy sexuality). I know lots of porn addicts living successful life and have beast bodies. They just dont give that importance to porn.

What to do

Change your mindset. Have little successes everyday to get out of depression. Join a gym. Listen to Tony Robbins.

Porn is very harmful and no one should watch it. But its not direcrly responsible for your failures in life. Indirectly it is.


Show him you are capable. Be confident in your job. Make yourself valueable and no one can fire you.
Also, befriend the manager. Honest compliments can change foes into friends. Learn survival politics :sweat_smile::joy:.


Quit this addiction in your own capacity. Try cold turkey. If you cannot, then the best method is to quit PORN COMPLETELY and DECREASE MASTURBATION frequency gradually. Believe me, i did this and got out of severe depression. My life is better now. Im doing gym and studying. I havnt watched porn for 30 days. And my masturbation frequency has decreased. I can see hope in future.


i too am in the same situation as you are in now… the difference is just that you’re 31 and i’m 15… i get complaints from my school like “arre! aapka launda online class bunk kar rha hai”
meaning “your boy is bunking his online classes”


my life has literally zeroed down and is hung between YesFap and NoFap…

our present is the result of our past’s decisions and sadly :pensive: :unamused: we can’t change it.
bro, comparing our situations is pointless, we need to act upon it and have faith in God

this is a sign that you are a very good person… your tears depict your guilt.

Let’s begin our journey together and accept the wrath of the materialistic world as God’s will


i dunno who you are my friend but i am sure we can come out of this… not everyone are put into such tests

Good luck !


Marry that boss LOL. Lot of problems gonna be solved

I hope my experience will be a good use for you @Vortexkicker .

I used to be a university dropout, honestly i don’t feel like a successful person.
My former lecturer told me before i left the university, everyday after you shower in the morning, take a moment to look at yourself in the mirror and say to your self. " it’s okay, today will be better " with a smile. Look at yourself deeply and meant what you say (i know it’s hard at the beginning), despite having those negative feelings inside keep saying those words. Believe in yourself that sooner or latter everything will be alright.

I re-continue back my studies (At new collage) and become one of the best students in collage afterward. I admit, i still remember those unpleasant moment of my life. somehow that strong negativity become my motivation to keep moving in spite of failure and rejection. I used to it and i don’t mind. Some people require positive experience to push themselves to be the best that they can be. Others might thrive in unfavorable environment like yours and mine. Keep going even you feel afraid and lost. Face those fears and ask, what possibly the worst things can happen?

Afterward life will find its way. :blush:

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Stay strong brother. Hard time will pass. Hang on

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