I am confused and helpless

I started this NoFap thing just for one purpose. That is to clear the brain fog and anxiety. And ultimately to score good marks in my upcoming JEE Main entrance exam. This, I thought could be achieved if I cleared my brain fog and nervousness. to be honest, My brain fog vanished to a great extent. Because of NF, I became more confident, emotions flowed inside my body and I felt a little more lively. Anxiety got reduced to 3/4th of the original. I started NF on 28 Feb this year and this is the first and the longest Streak of mine on this forum.
I am on the 35th day of NoFap.
When I started NoFap, I was stubborn,my only goal was to reach 38 days without fapping. You see, I am a 17 year old teenager without a girlfriend. (It sucks tbh and I feel alone).The urges were, and are strong as hell on this road but I saw only one thing, and that was to be on a hard mode upto this day. I read many stories of people relapsing and having sex with girls. I feel good because of not masturbating,but i also felt good when I used fap (cause that was my only option to calm the storming urges a month ago and before my NF journey). Then, I thought that I would end this streak on the day of my exam, which is, two days after tomorrow, 8th of April. 'Cause of NoFap, the only thing I gained uptil now is social skills and confidence. I know NF is good and all, but I couldn’t help myself, my urges can be stopped only and only by fapping, as I don’t have a girlfriend, in fact, I don’t even have a friend who is a girl. It’s not like I am not good looking or something, but I don’t have a good girl-friend, I only know some girls and they find me attractive. But I can’t communicate to them. That’s why I chose the hard mode NoFap.
I am confused to whether I should continue or relapse this month.
All of your responses will be appreciated.


I think you should continue nofap , nofap has given u many benefits as u have mentioned but why you wanna relapse? To stop those urges. God plz no.
You have to find your way to stop those urges there are various techniques you will find in this forum . Pls Help yourself up🤗 don’t give up!

And talking about girlfriend , just go talk to girls not thinking that’s whom u wanna sleep with. Just hangout and chit chat will do… I don’t know you might be an introvert but that can always be changed. like u’ve said you have gained social skills and confidence ,use those and go get em boy :wink:

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I say Dont Stop your Urges, if you have supressed them it will one day Blast out in many ways.
The solution is Sexual Transmutation
Search Sexual Transmutation John Surfer on youtube and you will get an idea about it.
I myself has experienced it on one of my streaks. Its Fucking Awesome. After experiencing the phenomenon yourself you will forget about fapping & sex.
You dont even have any idea What Real Pleasure is. Its eternal & blissful. Not a 5 sec. Orgasm :smile:


Thanks man, I will try to think more about it :slight_smile:

I may not have an idea of “eternal bliss”, but I really have an idea that masturbating is not real pleasure and that’s why I kept myself away from it for this long.
Sexual transmutation, seems interesting, I will try it, thanks man!


Wow bro, looks like you’re having a rough time. But I, like probably a lot of us here, understand to an extent what’s going on. But look, the way I see it, you got 2 options. Correct me if I’m wrong.
You either pmo after your test and risk returning to the old brain-fog-anxious past self, risk binging, losing progress, and feeling bad because of it, or, you power through it, start developing your spicy señorita pick up lines, gain more confidence because you actually powered through the urges, and eventually get yourself a gf, if that’s what you want.
And about the “feeling bad about yourself”, I personally learned a lot by watching dr. J.B.Petersons talks and lectures.

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You are actually right, but after the test I have nothing to get anxious about. You see, thats the problem. But I think I should go on with the NF journey. Because coming this far only to get this far isn’t appropriate either. Thanks man!


We got your back bro we can do this together!

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Thank you bro, really appreciate that :pray:

You should keep doing nofap, you see, your urges should be only stopped by a woman not your hand so if you wanna end the urges go find yourself a woman.

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