I am confused about my sexuality

Guys today i am just here to tell something that i felt with porn. I am not gay, i always liked women, but after so many years of porn i just don’t think the women beautifull anymore. Just the ones like the actress (very beautifull girls). And i watched a movie who says about something like a disturb or something like that. The problem is: I am starting to think about homossexual sex and it scares me a lot. When i stop watching porn for 1 week these nightmares reduces like 80% But really scares me and i don’t know what is the problem with me. I think i am going to go to a Psychologist.
I have 23 years old.
A lot of years in Porn.
I have been trying to stop for 2 years i think.


This is caused by watching pornography. The brain is no longer satisfied with the old videos/images it used to see, and wants to see more graphic and ‘exciting’/shocking material.

You are not the only person this has happened to. It’s not something wrong with you, it’s what’s wrong with pornography and masturbation. When you stop doing it, you will return to your normal sexuality. As you said yourself, those thoughts and dreams are reduced after you stop watching pornography for a week. The cure is no more pornography or masturbation. I highly recommend reading easypeasymethod.org to help you on that journey.

You can read more about this below:
Summary of Your Brain on Porn

The brain can be trained to find anything arousing. But the straight men who view this will begin to question their sexuality and feel very disturbed with themselves as a result. Pornography addiction even made gay men watch lesbian pornography. A study of addicts in 2016 found that 20.7% of straight men watched gay pornography and 55% of gay men watched straight pornography. This issue is called HOCD or SOCD (Homosexual/sexual-orientation obsessive-compulsive disorder). Again, this goes away with extended time away from PMO.


Dont worry bro. You have a solution. If you apply, you will heal. Abstaining from porn will turn your brain back to normal. Trust the magical healing power of your brain. The neuroplasticity.


Thank you so much. You just lifted a weight from my head. I am going to try it. Then in a month i will try to come back to give the results.


Happy to help.

As @NeverGiveup420 said, your brain will go back to normal as you escape from the addiction. It’s amazing, the brain’s ability to heal.


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