I am Back Guys after Taking Long Experience

I told you that i will never download this app because i am going to leave this addiction forever.

but i am back to inspire you… to share the experience of my life with you and it doesn’t mean i replased and back again to this app…

I start practicing nofap on 31 dec, 2021 and today is day 176… and by grace of god, i don’t feel any urge…

i don’t count days and it is true…

it give me tremendous change when i stopped counting days…

I hope guys i can contribute and help you to get out from this addiction and trust me guys it is going to help you…

mention @HitMo if you all are with me


Lol, I was literally thinking about you today and wondering what you were doing, welcome back bro!


thanks a lot @jarjar

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Welcome back,brother!

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I am tagging all the participants that was in challenge of 249 Days…

@piyushchandak @Kartik2003 @singhvicky @TheBigSP @dr.vikas @xphrasex @vedantshah005 @cknsit @MohammedBurhan @Dari

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@koylakhadan @wool @fracturedemon @DoomofDrew12 @Norush @ali4th @krishvk @Aepx @Victor2 @jarjar


@ashisht @azzu @SigmaGigachad @Murali96 @memost @rgkr @karthik_5113 @dyaakov @Dhananjaya1234 @thato.h

@Parke29 @GoodVibes_15 @WillofTitanium @Paarth369 @ck2022 @Superb-Aryan @RobertitoLeal @cm2022 @monkme @noob1016

@weir @ASH1267

Sorry if i missed someone

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@HitMo Its good to hear from you again and heartwarming to see you succeeding and progressing in your life kerp it up bro.
Best wishes


I have followed you and keep watching your days
You are at 150+ days bro
Keep it up :white_check_mark:
I also reached 52 days first time but then I relapsed.

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No worries @wool It is just a state of mind… and now i am out from that state…

Indeed, i don’t feel any urge by the grace of God because my vision and purpose of life is much bigger than this shit…

And you definitely get out from this trap…
Just follow the process

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I reached 80 days while you were gone and relapsed, Ive been trying hard to get back on track since, I have recently reached 3 weeks.


No worries @jarjar Everything will okay… Just follow the process and surround yourself with Positivity and always focus on exploring about nofap…Masturbation

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Add me into the competition too

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