I Am Back Again

So I’m back. The last time I was here was in September. Since then I’ve deleted my account on NoFap. I had enough of fights on that forum about politics. It got to the point where I was furious every time I went onto the forum and wanted to cuss certain members out. It got to the point when I wanted to tell some member that I wished they were dead. I was insane and it got to the point where I had to delete my account or end up saying something that would get me banned. I ended up choosing the former. Really if I wanted to get into political fights I would join a political forum or subscribe to the politics subreddit. I don’t, so I haven’t. Politics just stresses me out and I don’t need the extra stress.

I also joined Reboot Nation. It’s an ok forum and seems to have no political fights. The thing is there doesn’t seem to be many mods about and seems to have been abandoned by the creators. Also, the site is so basic like there’s no mobile site or app and you can’t like posts.

So this is my main forum now. This place seems to be free from the drama that’s on NoFap. I admit there the odd thread that I’ve seen that might not be good for my mental wellbeing but generally this place seems to have a good environment. I’ve also started to use the app again, hopeful it will help me stop relapsing.


Oh and if anyone’s interested my code is e95bc5. I’ll follow back.


I understand your feelings.
I think that fights against someone are endless and take energy.
Let’s try to use our energy in staying steady ok ?
I’ll follow you.

May we succeed :slight_smile:


Yes, such a calmer place than a few months ago :joy:. Also, having a lot of newcomers has helped a lot. Welcome again :+1:

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