I am ashamed of myself

Today I was studying late night for my exams. It was 1 pm and my brain just told me to open an incognito tab.
I know I could have stopped myself, I was going so strong but I let myself down.
I was in day 53, I thought my rewire would be completed real soon but I watched nudity . Luckily I didn’t masturbate but still I am gonna reset my counter because it really sucks.


I was really sad to see your counter go back down brother. You had made it so far!

Don’t focus on the negatives. You made it to 53 days this time - there was a time you could barely manage two weeks!

A suggestion, write down everything you’re feeling right now and all the reasons why you want to quit, and what your life will be like once you’ve made it out. Get excited about the benefits and transformation you’ll see. Then read that every day to remind yourself that there’s nothing back there for you, but there’s a great life ahead.

We forget how painful PMO was for us until after we relapse, so it’s helpful to remind ourselves daily.

Keep going brother - I believe in you!


I like your honesty.