I am about to Relapse!

Guys Help!!!

I have been having strong urges since yesterday. I am having a big one right now. Even though I took a cold shower just 30 mins ago. I am not able to control it. I think my 34 days streak is about to bcome 0. I don’t want this to happen. Help guys! Please help me!!!

Go for a run or use digital detox app
It won’t allow u to use the phone set the timer and phone get’s completely lock u can’t open it

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It’s not the phone that is the trouble for me right now bro. I saw an actress’ pic yesterday on TV and now I can’t get it out of my head.

Get the hell out of your house and get running or working out. Put some battle music on to fire it up. Remove from the environment you feel to relapse.

Or keep taking cold showers. More than one cannot hurt. :v:

I Relapsed just yesterday. I know exactly what you are going through and wish I’d just had more presence of mind. Just remember bro, you are not this kind of person who would do this stuff. Ok? It’s just not natural for you. You don’t even remember fapping after 34 days of awesomeness. Get that into your head. It’s just not worth it to even think about it.

Hope you get through. Do reply back after you’ve beat this.


I have no idea how to control urge which has appeared on day 34 coz I’m not even close to day 34 never made that far but still keep the phone locked for safety getting out side the environment might help

There is a weid technique which worked for me might help
Keep slapping your cheeks and keep saying I won’t fap and remember why u started at the movement

Yes bro i did manage to get rid of the urge(for the moment). I did 50 pushups and then meditated for 20 mins. Doing this took away the erection and calmed me down. For now I am okay.

I just hope that the urge doesn’t return anytime soon. Today was probably one of those days when I was feeling alone and bored.

Thanks for investing your time in helping me. I love the support people provide each other on this platform.


You did a great job keep it up. Bro nofap is all about fighting urges . You defeat the urge once, you defeat it twice and you keep on defeating. It’s a practice. The more you defeat the greater the streak will be. And past day 90- 150 your body will automatically adapt.

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