I almost relapsed today

i was reading articles on my smart TV, when my mind started wandering, I started typing in a models name, and pushed enter, I then started waiting for it to load up the search results to see some revealing images, but due to bad internet connection, it did not load, I had been waiting 5 minutes and it was still trying to load, I soon came to my senses and said to myself, WTF AM I DOING, and quickly got out of there, it was very fortunate I didn’t see anything, because usually once ive seen something provoking, whether it’s an only fans actress, Ig model, Tiktok Thot, pictures of girls on a beach, or half naked girls, it almost always means my streak has ended, because the thing that happens next is I start to masterbate them and that’s when the monster has taken over me, I lose complete control of myself and that’s when my relapse happens.
But im not going to let this happen this time.


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