I allowed myself fail to raise again

I relapsed yesterday on day 74. I am not addicted anymore but I am cautious now. I do feel guilty now for this was a mistake due to I started nofap journey with wrong mindset of mind. I was hoping that nofap will change my habits completely & self-improvement can be done on auto-pilot but nothing changed. I started to degeneracy myself. I started to lose my earlier habit which was exercise.I became lazy & arrogant which is not good so I decided to fail myself & punish myself with relapse. Before the relapse I read benefits of M. That is also one major factor. Well, I am able to enjoy little things. Urges are too weak. It’s very important destroy old things to create something new. It’s a philosophy now it’s time to test it.
Physical effects - dark circle under eye, face looks like pervy person, back pain
Mental effects - porn images in mind, urges, loss in confidence about 2-3%

Have a good day for everyday


I have become arrogant too I hate it, i think about my early days to humble myself, the thing I am very cautious about being arrogant the problem is I get this righteous thoughts and feel very justified about being angry, this is not the first time I feel like this, all we need is mindfullness

I find it odd that you would punish yourself like that though

It’s the reptilian part of our brain that trick us, I used to fight it now I respect it and understand it for what it is, what you said is true

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