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I really believe that the ultimate aim of our life is knowledge. Human kind always repeat its actions in an infinite cycle but the real difference from one cycle to another during history is the more knowledge we have. Now we have transnational powers and not countries fighting for power and money but at the end I really think neo-liberalism associated with this globalisation will come to an end, killed by itself and its unsustainable existance. (Data shows it does create more poverty and inequality within countries and between countries) Not many differences between its and the great old Roman empire’s end, they should have thought they were living in the society of the future, and they were… before that the past went back to take his place… And so on here we are, WE, the new humanity… The point is I improved myself… bad student, drugs addict,smoker of cigarettes and weed, online gaming and smartphone addicted and porn abuser. I acknowledge I’m the result of my past and so like the old Nitche said the übermensch (superman) loves his past and he don’t regret any single choice he has ever made. She/He knows that she/he is who she/he is because of his choices. Inform yoursel, study what you like, do what is best suited for you because only you can know what that thing is… To overcome addiction my only suggestion is to know what addiction is. What process does porn usage induce in your brain? Do you objectify people? Are you able to connect with them deeply? From this past 3 moths of your life and last 3 is the weather the only change? Know yourself, then acknowledged what you really want to do, just act. Maybe we will breack that cycle that repeat itself over history maybe not but sure thing is that you can breack your cycle of addiction and become one of few really acting to change the world. How many days of life you have to achieve happiness? Write it down, tick tack.


This is a very smart post! Thank you sharing :heart:

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