Huge desire on my day 27

Hey community

Today I am in day 27 of abstinence.
It was not so easy to keep my semen, thanks God with workout, high motivation and the desire of building nice body and success in my study had helped me to achieve the highest track from the day I discovered the world of the inappropriate media.

So I have a small problem that I want to get some advice.
I am in my day 27 and I feel a desire to release some tension. I mean I feel an enorme desire of having sex with girl.
I used to be shy before while seeing girl and try hard to see away when a beautiful girl is near me but now I admire seeing nice girl outside. The strange in this thing, I focus on her eye and face and shoes not about other part that I used to watch.

Last thing I had a wet dream on my day 17, do you thing that I will have another wet dream if I continue my nofap challenge.
Some advices maybe to keep my challenge especially from those who had experienced longue than abstinence than me.

Thanks for replying.


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