How will you feel at day 1000?

How will you feel when you achieve a streak of 1000 days? How will you celebrate? How would your life be different and better?

I will achieve 1000 days in 55 days, after a streak so long I am at a stage where nofap is effortless, I am no longer the person who I was. I am a new creation. I am not a masturbater, I am not a porn watcher, those activities are not part of my character and they cannot tempt me because they are are nothing to me.


good for u bro…:blush::blush:. means u have take so much precaution…

I relapsed after 20 days .
I don’t know what it feels after a thousand days but I definitely felt great in these days.
I will arrive harder now
Give me some support guys


At 1000 days , i will feel that i have one of the qualities which i wanted to have and i will celebrate by thanking to god and all the one who helped me reached here and i will continue this for my whole life :slightly_smiling_face:


At 1000 days I think il be able to part water :joy::joy::joy::joy:


Unstopable. A one-man army.

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Dear @paoolos ,
First of all congrats for the milestone, and for the inspiration.
Great to see the confidence you exuberate. Share how you feel.

I think it should feel normal after so many days. Because what becomes the way of life, feels normal and natural. Maybe attempt for some greater goals instead of sitting on the sense of achievement?

Do share your thoughts.

All the best


My new goals are to continue with my self improvement in many ways. Improving my health and fitness, improve my mind and continue to learn, to develop mentally and spiritually. My goal is to become the best me possible.


Congratulations for acheiving this milestone.
I have a confusion.
I wanna asked you a question that have you wet dream during your no Fap Journey because i have never got wet dreams in my life but recently when i was on my No Fap Journey i got this.
Can you please comment on this

Yes I have regular wet dreams. Wet dreams happen when you do not masturbate or have sex due to the build of seminal fluid that must be released or reabsorbed by the body to release the pressure. The body has a limit on how much seminal fluid it can hold before it must be released by a wet dream.

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