How to treat overthinking

Guys, I literally suffer from overthinking…

I browsed about treating overthinking…but it made me to overthink🤣…

So guys, suggest me some easy and effective technique, which we can apply in day to day life to stop overthinking…

I know meditation can be very effective and I am following it…suggest me some other effective and easy techniques💯


By Thinking less and acting more.
So Action Action Action is key


Brother how is overthinking helping you in daily life @Fearless.soul ? Is anything changing for the better because of it?


You are hindu indian?? Then you should read srimad Bhagvad Geeta…


as @_TIGER said, sri krisna has all solutions for us

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If anyone read bhagavad Gita, can anyone tell me whats described about overthinking in bhagavad gita

Easy technique,
I would recommend you to do what you love. Not that passion thing in 3 idiots.
I am talking about watching movie or playing games.
To distract yourself

keep yourself busy.

That’s the key


Ok bro @rewire_user

I will follow your method and will update u whats the difference


Keeping a mood journal and checking thoughts in Thought Diary app has worked for me.


Its going to be a long message, hope it helps.

So our brain has some areas right, to process information. Something for speech, something for smell etc… I am not going deeper into names and such (As I am not sure myself). But there is an area of brain that processes emotions, like happiness, sadness, frustration, etc etc. So this part of the brain has the ability to interlink those emotions with situations.
For example, lets say you feel guilt when you are watching porn, so your guilt, a feeling, is associated with situation, which is watching porn… So whenever you feel guilt, you remember porn, then masturbation, and vice versa. Similarly, lets say you went through a situation that worries you. So those situations always worries you. If you overthink about that situation then, and you overthink enough number of times… Overthinking and worry is inter linked. Its your go to thing.

And then there is another area in the brain which is a logical area. That will say, to most people that those worries are not happening now, its a may be, and a may be in future even, so there’s no point in worrying now… But the fact is, to a highly empathetic person, a highly sensitive person, a highly anxious person, who are all highly emotional, for them “the emotions” part of the brain is highly active compared to the logical part of the brain… Which is why, they overthink because its hard to see the logical side of it…

To be honest, a highly active “emotional” part of the brain, does have it pros and cons, but when we minimize the cons, all those pros can be of good use. Other words, It can ruin us or it can make us superb… Its in our hands…

So now, coming to the point, how to stop it…?
First through practice and self talk. It’s not immediate, its to be learned over time. So that those emotions with situations that your brain linked over time will break, or gets easier to make sure you dont overthink. But the fact is, this Overthinking can come at anytime in future, because you have a very active emotional part of the brain… So, Its important to figure out when the Overthinking is happening, and then by positive self talk, you can stop that Overthinking immediately.

For example, lets say you are overthinking that you will not do well in upcoming exams… Catch that feeling immediately, dont let it keep going that way… Now tell yourself, see, I have time, if I use it properly, I can study well, and will do exam well. Worst case scenario, I will give my best and hope all goes well. No point in worrying. I just have to do my best… Lets call this Overthinking side as an ego side of you… It is not you, it is trying to put you down. So be a friend to it, talk to it, think whats it telling you, what its worries are, calmly tell it why its not the case… Now it may work, it may not work at the first attempt. Keep trying, at one point it will start working. Practice…

Loving yourself, understanding yourself, knowing which thought is you, which is not you, not listening to the negatives of the ego side, self talk to be your own best friend, is very important. Most of us do it in auto pilot, the issues are going to keep piling up and at one point, it may lead to mental issues such as stress…

And there are some people that are addicted to those negative emotions, the pain, so even if they keep happening, they accept its them, and its boring for them without those negative feelings. Again, that is not loving themselves, that is not taking care of themselves.


Crystal clear explanation bro…thank you


Simple answer is brahmchrya and less mobile phone. Social media create an load of information which brings down to overthinking.
Go to your relatives sometimes or close ones to reduce overthinking time. Slowly it will go away…:slight_smile::slight_smile:


Thank you brother…