How to translate your sexual energy

hello everyone ! Hope you all r doing well in nofap journey
Here’s problem :
For the past 10 days,my frequency of night falls has gotten increased to the point that I’m having night fall after every 3-4 days. Although I don’t see any sexual or arousal things during the night fall. I’m on 39 days. I think my sexual energy is not able to flow upwards, instead it is flowing downwards I guess,which is manifested in form of night fall
Please help me :cry::cry:

Hey i have an efficient easy method to stop nightfall!
I was having frequent night fall and i used this to stop:
Before sleeping, wash your feet with tapwater then dry it. After that massage your feet by using mustard oil. Do it everynight before sleeping! I hope it will help you

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Ok buddy
thanks for sharing your trick :relieved:
Bro,how often did u get night fall?

I got 3 nightfalls in 6 days it happend to me once

This happened to me twice
Between 20 to 30 and 31 to current day

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Check when you get nightfalls
I rarely get them, but I’ve noticed that I get precum/ wet dreams when I get up around 6.30 or 7

Coincidentally, I also get deep sleep around this time…maybe it has to do with deep sleep and dreams? Idk

Stop eating Garlic, this trick is Used by Buddhist Monks. It is because that garlic intensifies the urges!

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