How to tackle strong urge

I am always lose my all the hope and practice in 7 days and watch porn I don’t know the way how to tackle no motivation no quotes work at that time I please for God sake help me give me some good advice I already waste my 9 years please help me please now I don’t want to waste my life yesterday I am thought i have to get suicide but still my heart telling me you have to stop one more time you have some hope I don’t know is there any hope left if it is then please friend God help me please :sob::sob:

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Recently, I was fighting with strong urgues. And when I had decided to relapse, I decided to stop and see this app. And miraculously I was able to stop, thanks to these two memes that helped me to think about my real life. I will leave you here:

So my advice is to think before doing something stupid of what you will later regret. Remember that together we are stronger. Dont waste your life in five minutes of false pleasure. You can add me, my code is: 1b5335

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@rawd1010 Don’t feel sad if you relapse. It is natural, even the guys with 40, 90, or 100 day streaks fail. If you fail after 7 day, try again and do it more than that , keep increasing your streak slowly. Nofap is one of the world’s hardest challenge, we all fail dude, what’s with those suicidal thoughts my man. You should be Proud of yourself, remember that time when you were a regular fapper. And look at yourself now you are a fighter, dodge all that bullshit just like that.


Hello friend I still have 7 days without NoFap, and was if of not passing the 5th day always Recaia, of echo the day of today I was nothing of relapse but it was stronger my strength of will that reer to fall you can want to fall Pienza , which is something that will not bring you anything good, how many years I have 27 first oelimina the pornography of your Alcan.

The truth does not speak or write English very well I hope I can understand :frowning:

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Sometimes maybe realising that we are always vulnerable to this kind of thing. It’s our nature. Accept it. Our nature defines us but not our actions (not until you die). Just give a good thought about the best way to handle the urge. Some day we all will learn.

Another thing, keep in mind as long as we are fighting, we DO NOT fail. Failure is when we give up while we still have the strength. That’s a loser not someone beaten up for a value he upholds even if he is not as successful

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Bro don’t lose hope if you can do it for few days,you can do it for life time. You are better than those who have not any streaks at all. Remember something is better than nothing. Life is a gift from God and we should take care of is a game between good and evil and we have to play our best for good.try to engage in some healthy activities,make your day busy. Cut the root of the things at very beginning which act as triggers and lead you to watch porn. Learn from your again and again but don’t give up


Thanks man God bless you

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Thanks I am glad that you all are here for help thank you so much

Physical exercise and mental intensive work help keep strong urges at bay.