How to stop urge?

What can we do when the strong urge will come please give me list so that I can conquer the urge??

  1. Meditation
  2. Workout
  3. Naps
  4. Self development book reading
  5. Meeting with friends/family
  6. Learning a new skill
  7. Doing work/study
  8. Play sports
  9. Do volunteer work
  10. Just don’t touch your ding dong.

Man u have almost included everything but i would like you add willingess, because if a person is willing then he or she can do it


What type of meditation can help to control and stop thinking about wrong thing??

Try mindfulness and vipassna meditation. They are really good and bring peace and order in thought process. Use this app:-


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Thanks man God bless you

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Can you give me list of skill which I can do in hostel and I don’t need mobile to do that

I just wanted to ask do you tempted by phones, is it like that or am i wrong?

Musical skills, computer programming skills, any skill related to your field of study.

I know I am tempted by phone but I don’t know how to control my urge how to change my dopamine hormone to another way if you have idea please share with us

There’s no short way as of the moment. The traditional patience. One day at a time. Everything else is the manifestation of that patience. Mindfulness, workout, reading etc… the recovery depends mostly on days of previous effect of binging on the brain nervous system. if there is a pill for that, NoFap would be obsolete.