How to stop the cravings?

I need advice of how to stop the cravings ?


Staying busy is best thing you can do . I often get cravings. Listen music
Study or workout. Talk to your friends your mood will change . And they will keep coming back but we have to fight them . I get cravings so much but I workout it helps a lot.


You can’t stop the cravings. Some men have more sexual cravings, some have less, but everyone has it until old age. Accept this fact.

But when the craving comes WE DON’T GIVE IN.

This app has a very good strategy to resist the cravings. This exact method helped me many times before. This is meditation on impermanence. Everything in this world is impermanent and the craving as well. It will disappear.

When craving comes → press URGE button on the main screen.
Then press Meditate and follow the instructions on the screen.
If you keep your focus on the instructions the craving will pass, BUT if you will bring your attention back to your craving , you are in BIG danger → run for your life.

It also helps to go outside , exercies , switch to other healthy activitity.


5 pushups/dips when you get an urge or a cold shower for killing them entirely


You can’t. JUST BE CREATIVE and find a method to use those cravings to accomplish some other work.

You have to find yourself a way to cope with it. Whether making music, or dancing, or doing what u like or taking cold shower or thinking about something THAT YOU DON’T LIKE and thinking why don’t you like it.

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I have found some things that really help me when I get an urge or craving. For me, it is often in my thoughts. I think of something that I have seen, remember a video, or one of my favorite fantasies. Sometimes I see I’m my mind something that can be erotic. This is when I need to do something to change the pattern in my mind. If I can control my thinking then I can get over the urge and craving. Here is my routine. I like it because this is something that I can DO and not just be a victim and wait/suffer while it passes.

My routine when I feel a craving:

1- I open my eyes if they are closed or I close my eyes if they are open. This removes the image from my mind and gives me about 1 second to do the next step. Most of the time this help me just a little, enough for the next step.

2- I say in my mind “I choose NO!”. This may sound funny but by expressing my desire, my choice to not move ahead, very often it works and the craving subsides. I don’t know why expressing my agency by saying NO has an impact.

3 - I often say a quick prayer, asking God to please come and help me, to take this away. If you prefer not to pray it would be a good time to say an affirmation.

Most of the time the thought and the craving are less powerful, if not I start again at number 1 and do it again.

Again I like to have something that I can DO, something that I control, something that I have some power over. I don’t have power over my craving but I can still do something positive and let it pass over me without acting on the temptation/craving/urge to see porn, to think about it, to dwell on an image or story in my mind. I can let it go, until the next time when I will follow the same routine. One day at a time, one hour at a time, and one craving at a time. That is all I have to focus on.


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