How to stop strong urges

Please can anyone suggest me how to control strong urges, I mostly struggle to cope with them


The easiest way is you can open the motivation music from urge bottom in here , because I know sometimes we can’t controle it and we need something immediatly so try to play it and close your eyes and breath deeply like you haven’t ever breath before …
@Hitman13 you have to know that happiness came from your mind , you can hold this , smile , breath , think of a best and the greatest situation happened for you … let all the shit …
Try to find your peace place , talk to yourself or for someone … concentrate about this moment , believe that you are fine because you want to .


Okay so you are reporting my comments till now?

Ok bro thank you very much :+1: :+1:

You dont stop urges. Cuz its against the nature.
Just redirect it into something productive.
Hope this image helps.

One solid advise, cut on tamasic and rajasik types of food. You will surely see an improvement.
Sattvik, tamasic and rajasik are classifications of food according to Ayurveda. Mentioning this if you oblivious about it.
Peace. :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:


That’s was really lit bro, the pic you send was really good

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Cold Showers! Cold Showers kill the urges and refresh the Soul , 3 minutes ir more of cold shower , to prevent strong urges , Guarda your eyes from triggers in every place you are, ignore them , always haver goals and occupations and you Will see these urges disapear

Thanks bro i will go for cold showers if i again got strong urges, thank you very much