How to stop sexual thoughts?

Hi everyone! So I’ve been masturbating for like 5-6 years now and I’m on my all time highest streak of 9 Days! And now considering that I’ve done this, it wasn’t actually hard at all I had 0 urges in these days and previously I had to it 2 times a day. But one thing that is bothering me are sexual thoughts whenever I see women. These thoughts doesn’t compel me to masturbate but I don’t like seeing women this way. I want to see them as they are, a normal human being and not sex objects. I feel ashamed to look in the eyes of women. How can I get over these thoughts? Please help me

And one thing more is whenever I go outside I keep searching for females and I can’t control it. I controlled my masturbation habit now I want to overcome this too. I’ve never been into a relationship in my entire life (17yrs,lol) and not desperately looking for a girlfriend (Some girls do dm me but I don’t respond to them)


I am too a 17 year old guy and I too have the same problems as you , but I atleast try to control myself while watching a female… See friend it’s only YOU who can get your eyes away while seeing a girl ( in a bad manner) . One of the best thing to get yourself away from fantasizing about girls is just talk with them as your sister… This is really a good long term efficient way to get yourself control towards wrong looks toward women . It will really be beneficial for you if you talk to them in this way …Try this and see whether you could do that or not… :blush::love_you_gesture:


Well, talking to them is the problem. I’m a hardcore introvert and whenever I talk to someone whom I don’t know whether girl or boy, I start sweating intensively. I’m trying to change this nature of mine, but I don’t want to get involved with girls in any form, because my fantasy goes on to another level. And the sister thing you said I always do that whenever I have to talk to any girl.

Women are just like men bro… The problem is, some men look at them as different beings, like they are there to please them… You need to behave with others the way you want them to behave with you. Imagine you are in their position and see how they will feel before you do something. Imagine someone looking at you? Wouldn’t it be weird for u? Let’s say they looked at you, came to you and proposed you? Would u accept, no? You will think that there is something wrong with them… Imagine someone liking you coz you look good but not because they like your heart, would you want to be with that person? No right?


Exactly, I want to be everything you said. Actually I also have stammering problem, I stutter when I’m nervous and I get nervous and embarrassed if I stutter while talking to someone so I avoid talking to people. This has been my behavior for 15 years and now I want to change it and I will :v:

Regarding Nervousness around people… Only way is to talk bro… Its fine if you stutter, u talk and talk and that nervousness goes away with time…

Regarding that ashamed feeling to look in the eyes of women, dont have an agenda before talking, dont be like, I need to be with this person someday… Talk as if you talk to your brother or father or mother. Listen to them, ask how they are doing, just normal stuff…


Will surely implement your advice though people will definitely wonder what happened to this dumb boy why is he behaving usually, lol :joy::joy:


One suggestion I would give, dont think too much about what others think… Only exception to that is your family… Ultimately they are the ones that matters :blush: