How to stop nightfall/dreamfall/lucid

Hey guys. I’m on day 12.but in last 3-4 days I had two nightfall. How to stop it , is it normal or and why m I getting porn type of dreams even though I stop watching porn now on day 12. Please help it’s a big problem

I think it’s normal have nightfall. When I wasn’t into PMO I used to have nightfall sometimes


It maybe normal,but I wanted to reduce it. Actually from yesterday I’m kinda depressed.

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Ok, you can try these,
Pee before sleeping at night,
don’t drink any liquid before sleeping
I think these things reduce it to to fair level.


And increase your physical activities.

I’m quite active physically, is stress a factor ? Bcoz I’m kinda stressed from last couple of days.

Thanks :blush: I’m following these

Yeah it’s, just found out, but I don’t think it’s big one unless you are regularly depressed person.

I have mood swings ,most of the days I’m not depressed and actually in very good mood but on some days like on holidays when I’m alone I feel low for sometime

Do you fantasize? What time do you wake up in the morning?


I don’t fantasize but porn thought come into mind. Sometimes it is so tough to get over


Good. Keep fighting. The less one thinks about porn, less the wet dreams. Also try getting up early.


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