How to save myself from novelty of p*** bcz as you know after a longer streak p*** flashes are the main cause of relapse .p*** appears to be something new ,novel ,glorious after longer streak

im feeling some kind of flashes in my brain .a feeling ( when i firat exposed to p***) like that feeling
.p*** looks something new ,glorious after long streak .i know its a brain dodge but how to keep away from it

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Let that new, something glorious be a real experience instead of pixels. Imagine those flashes and thoughts exploding.

make yourself angry towards any kind of t*mptations.

For eg. your worth is like 2 000 000 dollars and they’re trying to get you for 2 cents. They want to steal your freedom, your energy and your everything with their lies. What would you do if somebody would try to buy your iPhone for 10 dollars?


Think about this brother
Novel 3-5 seconds pleasure or a masculine Beastmode life.
5 seconds pleasure or a life filled with pain and regret.
Above all, a fulfilling, content life lived with passion and enthusiasm or prisoner of porn where we become robots for the anonymous mother ****ers who are behind porn industry.
ITS OUR CHOICE. Thinking about this won’t solve our problem, but it gives us a direction my dear brother @alexcoz600 . This is our life. There is always there is a conscious part in us that say yes to the brain when we masturbate. You have the greatness within you to say no to that.


how long streak are we talking about here?

Sorry, I don’t understand your question. I didn’t write about streaks.