How to recover from aftermath effects of pmo addiction

Guys I have been masturbating for12 years. Now I am 25. The after effects I face are hairfall, tremors and weakness, lack of concentration, premature ejaculation. I have started my nofap challenge 6 days ago. Can the symptoms like hairfall be reversed back? Guys please help me with your suggestions.

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Hello Hector

Me too am going through what u are experiencing because i have been addicted for now 9 years. But in the course of nofap, i trimmed off my hair to let it grow normally. My best solution is to let go old memories, practice a best morning routine, eat vegatable and exercise. I had a thyroid swelling which was due to hormanal imbalance but now am feeling better after practicing the above stated solutions.

If they are working for me, they will work for u too