How to read volumonous books in a short time?

To do so… You will need the following apps & plugins :-

  1. Calibre ebook reader
  2. TTS Plugin from Calibre store

Where to download books from

  1. libgen
  2. Z-library

Use duckduckgo search engine to find the above sites.

Steps :-

  1. Download your books in the following format epub,mobi,azw3
  2. Open it using the calibre app
  3. convert using the plugin into MP3
  4. Listen to the book while reading it using the app

Conclusion :-

Using this method you can cut the time required to read the book into 1/4 of the actual

I hope this method helps you and would love to know your experience


Why i can’t bookmark it ?

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Ask Taher!!!

Thank you! It’s very useful!


Great! I’ve already come across such apps that expolit the fact that we can hear much quicker than we can read.
A useful side note is that this is not recommended for studies/ textbooks over actually reading and taking notes. Simply listening to the audio book instead of music, however, would be helpful (but I’ve never done that in my life :joy_cat: )


True… This is only meant for Non-fictional books/ story based/ instructional books…

For textbooks…Note-making / lectures remain the appropriate medium.

For somebooks Audiobooks may simply not be available – with this app you can make your own audiobooks …using the TTS module and accents in your PC (Windows/MAC)