How to reach high streak


I could not able to reach the high streaks
Till now my highest streak is only 17 days for last 3 months
I want to increase this streak to 30 - 50 days .
How can I increase the streak?
I am fapping not through porn but through my mind memory.
I stopped watching porn for last 4 months.
After 2 weeks I feel that there is no challenging in my life. Like life is going too slow no high adrenaline rush.
I feel drained and drained after reaching 17 days mark I somehow fap
Any advices for me from high streak people who reached 30, 40 , 100 days streaks.

Thanks for reading!


Please refer to this:Battle of survival 👊
I just reached 30 days streak, some advice I shared with the community that might help.

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My highest streak to date is 101 days and my current streak is 31 days.

I would say for me it was not having any WiFi when I moved to my new place, now that I do have an internet connection I’m falling into my bad habits of wasting time since previous to this I was always going out.

Trying to handle my stress differently instead of relapsing has allowed me to reach higher streaks.

And I’m not getting any strong urges as I previously did since reaching 100 days, I won’t lie that one time when I did relapse was because I didn’t go to bed on time.

So uhm my best advice would be , surround yourself with others, try to avoid getting bored since porn isn’t the problem in your case and start a personal diary (I’ve got one on here and a private one ).

And maybe find someone to talk to about stuff that’s bothering you in life.

That’s about it :smile:

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Forgot that you have penis😆 no but it’s a serious advise let every part of body work for itself do not use your hand for your penis work understand a simple advise for you is "whenever the urge come you just become paralysed for some time I mean just don’t do anything physically till the urge remains " and after sometimes you will definately feel good or free from urge thanks for reading😀

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When urge comes you have to occupy your self by something else do push ups, go outside, talk to someone, take a cold shower, read motivation quotes, …the urge will go away after 30 minutes the major thing is to not be alone, squadual your day the night before it helps you to be always busy and not having time to think about pmo…this goes for me also i m struggling to acheave the 90 days without pmo…

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