How to plan morning routine if you wanna show up at 7 am at work?

I have hard time how to plan morning routine, so I could:

  • take a cold shower,
  • shave
  • meditate
  • do morning hygiene
  • take 10 min ride to work

And still show up at 7 am. Any tips? How is your morning routine look like? What could be improved?


Your routine might look something like this:

6AM - Rise and shine
6:15 - Finish taking a cold shower
6:25 - Finish shaving and morning hygiene
6:40 - Finish meditation
6:55 - Arrive at work

Some things to add - Do you eat breakfast? When do you exercise?

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something else to consider.
if you wanne raise at 6am you should plan to sleep at around 10 pm.
means, wind down should start at around 9.30 pm


Very good point! Being well rested is crucial. Your decision making ability is better and you’re more able to deal with urges.


I’m trying intermittent fasting, so I skip breakfast. I exercise after arriving home.


Very nice!

Was that the kind of schedule you were after?

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Oh sorry, I didn’t notice your response.

Yeah, Im trying to get used to to this schedule.