How to permanently delete your Nofap account?


@Taher any moderators?

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If you don’t mind if i ask why do you wish to leave nofap?

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No thanks! It’s not like I’m committing suicide.
And I don’t want to engage in that conversation.
Also @nagate I am NOT leaving Nofap per se. I am leaving Nofap Companion App and forum.


Can anybody help me? I cannot seem to find that option of deleting account.


PM the admin, only he can do it.

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Thanks mate!

This minimum 20 characters limit sucks!

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Hey, did you find a method to delete account?


Just pm me for now, I’ll add an automated way in future updates.


Thank you. BTW, is there a way to pm private? I mean I don’t know anything about this app… I’m not carzy or something… just I don’t know… so pm is like ‘pm’ or forum post?


Tap on the admin’s profile picture.
It will lead you to his details.
Scroll down and there will me an option of messaging.
By the way I too have an unpleasant habit of deleting accounts.
I was on Smule karaoke and when I tried to delete the account there wasn’t any option.
I was literally frustrated and visited site for like 100 times and googled it.
If this is like some syndrome,please tell me.


Thank you for information. Well, I dunno why I want to delete for sure, I just joined like 20 minute ago…
Haha, I’ll sure inform you if I find any info regarding ‘syndrome’


I couldn’t find the option on @Taher 's profile…


That blue thing with “Message” written over it.


Thank you. It didn’t appear first.


Honestly, now I am scared too. I am like that still, when I make a new profile, I just have this urge to delete, is there a syndrome?


Please remove my account too in app and forum. Thanks


Please need to remove my APP account: johnlassa. Thanks


Hello, can you delete my account too?
Username: willyasyraf