How to not get angry easily?

without fapping, i tend to get frustrated and getting angry easily, and ended up getting angry at my partner resulting in bad relationship, is there any tips to not get easily angry?

Sometimes anger doesn’t come from not fapping. It can come from mood irritation due to dehydration and lack of multivitamin, multi minerals and antioxidants. Take them in plenty amount if you lack those. Increase Omega 3 and potassium.


Angry state is only around 2nd week of hard mode. After one month anger turns into love.


i typically get angry mood swings during the first 1 or 2 weeks of nofap. afterwards it starts to get easier.
i think that it is normal. you take away what your brain demands.

bdw. taking food supplements “in plenty” is one of the huge mistakes made. many supplements are way too high concentrated. e.g. all vitamines besides vitamine D are toxic or have a negative effect on your body if you take them in too high amounts


When we stop fapping, our brain starts resisting against this decision continuously, we keep thinking about fapping but cant do it, this unending fight increases frustration and irritation. You need to find a way to vent out this anger. To take your mind away from such thoughts. Tire yourself completely by working out and something which uses brain.

And as @s8k8 and @neveragaintw suggested improving your nutrition will also complement my idea.


:smile: i’m supporting a good diet but i’m highly against most commercially available additional nutritions


True, they have created a market out of it. Everyone wants a quick fix for everything and the companies take advantage of it. In India most of us our vegetarian(no meat of any kind) which makes a bit difficult for us to get some essential vitamins or protein etc. out of food easily. So it becomes easier to get them through supplements.
I agree most of them are useless but some generic ones are useful or create a placebo, not sure :stuck_out_tongue:

I also read somewhere that multivitamin industry is one of the biggest scam ever.

If you want anger management, analyze the cause of your anger. And make way to resolve right with your couple as early as you can.
It could be worse to spill the anger for other person/stranger.


I think that you are angry because your brain is not receiving the dopamine that usually recive when you watched porn and masturbate.

You can have better humor, health and will power if you do exercise and eat healthy food.


This is the most heard advice, but it really works.
Deep breathing when experiencing anger. And daily meditation.

Why it works? So, when you start meditation you start becoming aware of yourself. To control anger you need to aware.

What is anger? Anger is basically you losing yourself, once you are aware of yourself, you start to see things as they really are (objectively), resulting in the anger melting away automatically. Ofcourse there can be cognitive dissonance even if you are aware, but one step at a time :wink:


I can have bad temper and almost every once in a year i rage and tend to cause damage to my sorroundings or people, i am learning how to control my rage because i am a calm person i can even go for a year without Being really mad but when i do get mad its ussually out of control, last time i fought with a guy i beat him but instead of Being calm i ended up raging, could this be emotions that are coming out or what is it? I hate it because when i am mad i don’t feel pain my body hardens up and after the rage i am feeling sick