How to know whats your passion?

Hello everyone!
I am in a state of my life where i am feeling like i dont know what i really want. I am gonna give neet but i have not much confiedence in myself that i can crack it or not. It is like i am studying aimlessly. Nofap becomes little bit easier when you know what exactly you want to become. So my question is , is there any way i can know what i really like? you can suggest some videos too.


I can tell you what a friend suggested me once. You need to take a break of a few days and don’t think about your concerns for next few days at all. Distance yourself from anything that reminds you of it. Take some time off for yourself. Just try to enjoy every moment. And before you’ll know, you will be hit by the answers for your questions, all of it coming from your own eternal soul.


Yeah i will try it1!


This worked for me, I was given the idea from a lecture by Jordan Peterson. It goes along with what @PrDr was saying.
As you are going through your regular routine, stop and notice the time now and then. Sometimes you will notice that you completely lost track of time, because you were so engaged in what you were doing. Maybe it was a good book, or cooking, or gardening.

Whatever those things are that capture your attention so much that you forget about time, those are the things that matter to you on a deeper level.


Thanks bro for giving this detail! :+1:

Watch this in repeat.


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It was mentioned here before, but there is slight difference in descriotion of passion or meaning, but both can be the same thing. Jordan Peterson said about meaning this (I am paraphrasing of course a bit):

"What is most meaningfully engaged activity? Well little reducting the old suffering so you live your life that you are not causing any pain, pointless pain especially. And when you figure out how to reduce your suffering will be great and if you will figure out how to reduce others suffering, then it will be ultimate goal.

Reducing pain which will makes you doubt meaning of life and feeling of suffering is ultimate medication."

And this IMHO is description of meaning of passion. Something that make you forget time, will reduce pain, suffering, etc. It can be something huge as volunteering, but it can be also something small, like reading book, coocking lunch for yourself. It does not mean that meaning and passion is something that you need to make money of,or help others or it needs to be something BIG, you just need to feel good while doing that and be fully engaged in that so you are not thinking much about other BS and you are not feeling miserable.

That is just mine oppinion and mine explanation, but I like how it is sumarized.


Explore. Start anywhere. Draw for few weeks… Not your thing? Okay, programming? Too hard? No worries, next - marketing? Hmm maybe…

You can’t find what you’re looking for if you’re not looking for it.


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