How to keep going

Greetings everyone, it’s been a while since I was working hard for my goal. Now my confidence is returning, or at least my fear is going away. It occured to me that the situation isn’t really invincible as I earlier thought it to be. But I still can’t keep going. It is really hard to keep myself calm and composed. And I lose this composure really quick. I need a way to keep doing things. How can I do that? Thank you for the inputs


Going through the same. You just have to dedicate 2-3 hours on your practice(exercises,meditation,motivational videos ) etc. It works for me


You were able to study for 15 hours bro
I find it hard to believe this

also will you elaborate on this?

I didn’t quite understand

Oh sorry bro . I thought u were talking about nofap.:sweat_smile:

For specifically studying, my brother told me a way which is very effective for me.
Sit for studying with full focus and set a long time for it. Ex- 3 hours or 4 hours continuesly. For now u can start with 2 hours .Start studying don’t stand up until time is completed. Bring back your focus if get distracted but don’t leave your seat. Don’t worry if you can’t study regularly . Your target is to pass the time .

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Sadly that is history . Now a days my focus is gone too. I am trying to get into discipline again. Let’s see

you’ll find out a way. I’m getting back too. It is time to stand strong for the things you want
And yeah, I’m going to surpass your record

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