How to handle after relapse

I want to know that how I can come out of this relapse bad feeling and this binging due to relapse feeling.
Last streak 23.
Binged 4 times after relapse today.
Still struggling.

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You got the chaser effect its annoying when you are there but you can stop it, simple by just being aware when you see some images that might trigger you, simply put the device down or laptop whatever , and TAKE 10 DEEP BREATHS watch something or do something else take a shower drink cold water.


Yep as nagate said, that’s the chaser effect. Those feelings of guilt and shame that come after having relapsed can bring you into a huge binge.

The key here is to break the cycle of negative feelings and to distance yourself from triggers, as your willpower heals.

And the best way I have found to implement this is discipline. Keep yourself busy and out of your most vulnerable places as much as you can for as long as you need, typically I try to distance myself for a good 3 days. By then the triggers have died down and my willingness to fight is back.

Additionally, and most importantly, start to bring order back into your life. Get on a schedule. If your biggest relapse time is late at night, start getting to bed earlier and waking up earlier. Make your bed each and every morning. Take up running in the morning and push yourself each day. Take cold showers as this also builds discipline and willpower. Come onto these forums when you’re most vulnerable and read success stories, relapse stories, and contribute your own thoughts. Remind yourself why you are doing this

You have to shake up your schedule and get yourself out of that rut. Otherwise your brain will just follow its same routine and relapse.

Keep fighting man! You got this!


This might be helpful